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We retain high customer satisfaction rates due to our custom-tailored services. What our clients need, we will provide to the best of our ability. It is our duty to keep our clients happy with the services that we provide. If any problems or difficulties may arise, we are immediately attentive to the issue and quick to look for a solution to prohibit the problem from getting any worse.  In the way that we handle issues and our instant reactions to our current clients’ needs, we have earned their trust and dependence. We keep a constant communication with our clients to ensure our services are meeting their expectations. We currently serve over 40 contract accounts with almost 60 service locations in the immediate southern California area. It is part of our goal to build long-lasting and satisfying relationships with our clients no matter how small or big they are. From personal businesses to government contracts, we cover them all! 




Combining 80+ years of service and experience, just for you. Our diverse management team has a background in the police department, county sheriff's department, municipal law enforcement, and military. Our level of expertise ranges from private security, loss prevention, security & safety training, threat assessment, crime & fraud investigation, conciliation, mediation, and more. Our president has worked in the private security industry for more than 25 years, specializing in various public contracts in the City of Los Angeles and in various other cities spread throughout her suburbs. Our Director of Operations, who has over 22 years of combined Law Enforcement and Corporate Security experience, brings extensive experience in the specific fields of training, mentoring, and customer service to help better serve the client, you. He also has spent many years as the Director of Security for multiple large corporations. In addition to the team, is our certified training manager who has over 15 years of combined law enforcement, military, corporate security, and civilian educator work experience. His experiences ensure the training programs meet federal, state, and local regulations.


We are not only licensed as a Private Patrol Operator (PPO), but also as a Baton and Firearms Training Facility and qualified to offer the AB 2880 Training Program by Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). 

All our security guards receive the necessary state-mandated requirements by our in-house licensed training facility.


Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Woman Business Enterprise (WBE),Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE),Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Community Business Enterprise (CBE), and Housing and Urban Development Section 3 (HUD-3).


We are a fully insured and bond-able company with A+ and comprehensive insurances that are approved by local and federal government contract administration.



Our very own live onsite dispatch staff support our guards 24 hours a day and provide superb customer service to meet our clients every expectation!



Our highly qualified and certified in-house training instructor offers onsite training classes to our guards and to anyone interested in starting a career in security services. This allows us to provide our clients with highly trained and skilled guards.

Current Govenment Projects

  • City of Santa Monica
  • City of Culver City
  • City of Monrovia
  • Los Angeles County
  • City of Glendale
  • City of Garden Grove
  • City of Perris
  • Orange County
  • City of Riverside
  • City of Torrance
  • City of Vernon



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Business Services Department of Unified School District 

School District has contracted with Absolute International Security for 6 years. During this time AIS has provided the District with night time patrol of all our campuses, District Office and, for the past year, the Arts Center. They have also provided other, as needed, security assignments. AIS staff has shown dedication to our requirements, professionalism in their approach, and a positive rapport with each job assignment. We have found them to be reliable and cooperative in their duties. 

Mrs. Sparks, 2016

Public Works Department of City of Covina

Absolute Security International, Inc. has been an excellent provider of security services for the City of Covina Parking Complex since May of 2011. Over the past several years, they have provided us with security services at service levels requested by the City and their staff has worked closely with the City’s Transportation Section and Police Department to create a safer environment for all patrons who utilize the City’s Transportation facilities.  Absolute International Security has not only upheld the City’s standards, but has demonstrated that they strive to exceed that expectation by being flexible to meet the City’s ever changing needs as we continually seek to improve service to our citizens. 

Mr. Ko, 2016

Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Los Angeles

As the long time security service provider to the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles, Absolute International Security (AIS) has been offering professional and effective service to the Consulate. No matter regular security guard, VIP protection task, or customized security preference, AIS is able to come up with resourceful and creative approaches to fulfill them, with which we are satisfied.

Mr. Xu, 2016

President of Global Trading Partners, Inc. 

I want to take time to share with you how impressed I was with Absolute Security International employees during a recent visit in Los Angeles. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the world and have managed over 100 of my own employees so I am very cognizant of good people with good worth ethics. What set AIS employees apart is their passion for their job and patience. Absolute Security International, Inc. employees were incredibly well-mannered. They should be commended for their efforts.

Mr. Miller, 2016




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