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Management Oversight

We live in a world where people are to be held accountable for their actions and the security industry should be no exception. Here at AIS, should, in the rare event, that the professional officers assigned to your facility or a member of corporate management were to behave in a less than professional manner, we will conduct an immediate investigation to determine any underlying causes and the best corrective action to continue fulfilling our security service duties at the standard that our clients expect from us.

AIS Management Oversight is our final level of Quality Assurance. As such, we have specifically created a team to guarantee the quality of our service. We are pleased to introduce our House Accountability Team (HAT), which is the result of the combined effort of our entire AIS Management Team. Our HAT team incorporates several members of the higher corporate management personnel including, but not limited to the President, Legal Counsel, Operations Team, Account Manager, and Training Coordinator. The HAT team will compile information gathered by the efforts of other officers assigned to different locations who are familiar with the officers at the facility as well as any of the client’s personnel that call the office anonymously (or not) and are willing to disclose information that would be valuable in helping us keep problematic personnel and/or issues off of your property.

Our Account Manager plays a vital part in the HAT group. He will frequently visit and ensure that the client is pleased with our services and will assist with any concerns, no matter how trivial. Operations Staff and Account Managers are required to keep an open line of communication with the client and become familiar with the client’s security profile and day-to-day needs. While visiting, we will evaluate how the officers are performing and the current security management status will be rated. Any and all concerns will be handled expeditiously. We want to make certain that your overall level of satisfaction is always high.

We will also want you to rate your overall level of satisfaction with our client surveys. Complete candor in your responses will obviously be appreciated. Depending on the results, we will conduct independent observations of the ongoing operations, contact assigned security officers, and propose meetings with the client’s management. We will provide full reports regarding HAT’s follow up to the situation for the client.

  • The client will have 24 Hour Access to our Communications Dispatch Center at our toll free number: (866) 969-7188. A live body will always be available to answer any questions or assist in contacting the right person in resolving any issue, regardless of how large or small the issue may seem. We are ready to serve you should the need arise.
  • Key AIS personnel can also create an immediate solution and can be reached via Direct Cell phone numbers, which will be provided to the client’s management staff. All of our Operations Managers and Supervisors have assigned company cell phones that are required to be turned on 24/7 should they need to be reached for an urgent matter by a client, a fellow staff member, or an officer. If needed, the Owner/President of our company will be able to respond to you directly.