4255 Tyler Ave., El Monte, California 91731


AIS aims to provide our clients in Southern California with the highest quality of professional and personalized security services and to follow through with unparalleled supervision and client support, all while staying within your budget.


  • Obtain more sales through contracts from public sectors and private companies
  • Promote the Training Sector for internal staff members and external applicants requiring certification renewals/updates and/or for obtaining guard cards to be a qualified Security Officer
  • Increase annual sales revenue to the multi-millions
  • Substantially increase net profit on a year to year basis
  • Establish another office location to support increases in sales volume through possible acquisitions


  • Experienced Management Team led by the company’s President, who has 25 years of extensive knowledge of the private security service business, with a primary focus on government contracts
  • CALSAGA membership, an association dedicated to improving the services of the private security industry by:
    • Improving the public perception of Private Security
    • Raising the overall quality of private security services by providing a unique and personalized service model
    • Elevating the standards of the security service industry
    • Improving business opportunities by using special experience in bid processing
    • Increase resources to the training sector
  • IACLEA membership, advances public safety for educational institutions by providing educational resources, advocacy, and professional development services.
    • Increase resources of our training sector through IACLEA
    • Connect with campus public safety leaders from all over the country
    • Provide tools and resources to help improve our security services
  • Expecting to be excellent cash flow position which allows the company to effectively and competitively bid for public and private contracts
  • Rapid growth in demand of the Security Service Industry due to an increased security awareness and need
  • Dedication to providing a higher quality of service and follow through with a personalized plan, superior supervision, unparalleled client support, and well-trained security guards
  • Ability to maintain long-term business relationships and obtaining referrals and recommendations by providing unsurpassed client support services
  • Location near the LA County business district will appeal to many local clients
  • Disadvantaged/Minority/Woman Owned Enterprise Status enables the company to obtain direct and priority bid for local government contracts
  • Maintaining a consistent and effective marketing and promotional campaign